How to use this app

Title screen / Area selection screen


1.Buttons for each area
View illustrated map of selected area.

2.About this app
Go to screen explaining this app.

3.Chuo City Tourism Association website
View the website of Chuo City Tourism Association.

Map screen


1.Back button
Return to area select screen.

2.Spot on/off switching button
Switch on/off of the spot icon shown on the picture map.

3.Footprint notebook button
Move to the footprint notebook screen.

4.Recommended route button
Move to the recommended route select screen.

5.Map switching button
Switch the illustration map, default map app or old map.

6.Spot search button
Recommended route screen.
Recommended routes are shown on a map in red dotted lines.

Recommended route screen
Recommended routes are shown on a map in red lines.


Spot details screen
You can see the details of the selected spot.


1.Spot sharing button
You can share the spot information with others.

2.Leave-a-footprint button
Leave a footprint on a spot.
You can press the leave-a-footprint button when you are within a 500m radius from a spot.

3.Begin Navigation navigation button
Provides street guidance to reach this spot from your current location using your standard smart phone map application.
You will need to relaunch this app in order to return to it after launching your standard smartphone map application.

Old map screen
You can see the maps of Chuo City in the Edo period, Meiji period, Showa period and Showa 30s (1955-1964).